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Exp: 888
check in 30 ngày được 2k KNB. có lệnh afk.

★官方网站: https://n.sjtunshi.com
★Q群: 808791793
★DC交流群: https://discord.gg/m6p4Vwx3MM

Features of this server]: Mining speeds up by 6-10 times, and treasures are exchanged for free
[Sponsorship Rewards]: Your server is up to you, sponsorship will only make the server environment better, enjoy the game, Unlimited enjoyment.
[Game system]: 40npc arena, Jiangdong Second Bridge, city siege, BOSS system, mining system, magic outfit system, soul system, with real content and perfect experience.
[Offline hang-up]: Off-line hang-up system, perfect connection, no difference in progress, no liver, mining without turning on the mobile phone is really easy.
[Acquisition of rewards]: You push me to give it away, giving you food is unreasonable
★Official website: https://n.sjtunshi.com/
★Q group: 808791793
★DC communication group: https://discord.gg/m6p4Vwx3MM